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Real Estate Agent

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Meet Pauline Bowman, Luxury Realtor, specializing in Georgia & Louisiana real estate.  She has spent the last 17 years perfecting her career in the Real Estate Industry which began in Los Angeles.  After finding her passion on the West Coast, showing and securing exclusive rentals for clients, she decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA to grown her business and expertise as a Luxury Realtor.  One of her standout attributes is her keen ear for the client's needs.  Her strong presence and confidence has positioned her as a top negotiator.  She has represented private clients in sales transactions across multiple states.  Mrs. Bowman, as she is affectionally referred to, resides in the Buckhead community with her husband and business partner of 10 years, Tony and their two sons AJ & EJ.  She is also a lover of travel, fine dining and YouTube.

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