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Pink Blossom

Property Management

Before we began selling and building homes, we were property managers, so it's safe to we know our way around collecting payments and scheduling repairs. With over 10 years' experience we can assist you with: 


  • Collecting rent and other property fees from tenants and individual owners 

  • Paying property expenses, including taxes, mortgages, payroll, insurance premiums and maintenance costs 

  • Reporting the property’s financial status, occupancy and expiring leases to property owners 

  • Meeting potential tenants, showing them the property and assessing their applications in accordance with anti-discrimination laws 

  • Advertising vacant properties and hiring a leasing agent to find tenants as needed Inspecting properties and arranging for repairs and new materials as required 

  • Arranging contracts for maintenance, trash removal, landscaping, security and other ongoing services and managing disputes with these service providers where appropriate 

  • Investigating and resolving property complaints and rental violations.


Hiring a property manager is one of the best ways to make passive income as stress free as possible and were here to help you do that. Reach out for more information and to get started. 

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